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Additional Services

We Load... We Haul
*Will remove household goods
*Very reasonable rates
Call or email Matt

PJL Door Services Inc.
12 Laurier Crescent ~ St. Albert, AB
Office: (780) 975-4895
Fax:     (780) 458-7177
* New door sales & installation
* Garage door service & replacement
* Service & repair cables, rollers, hinges, springs

Select Fireplaces & Mobil Heating and Air Conditioning
Jim Fankhanel
4144 - 95 Street ~ Edmonton, AB
Office:   (780) 463-5063
Fax:       (780) 463-5054
Cell:       (780) 991-7773

Rob Swyrd (Director)
Robart Electrical Services Ltd.
Professional and dependable service
Established 1984
Office:   (780) 238-8195
Fax:       (780) 450-3570

Taff's Interiors
Insulating, Texturing & Drywall

James D. Campbell
Oliver House Law Office
10145 - 115 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Office:   (780) 484-0665
Fax:       (780) 486-7282

Pro Moving Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta
Mike - (780) 293-2993

Property Inspection
HouseMaster Inspections
Office:   (780) 449-3883 or 800 303-3381

Land Surveyor
Delta Land Surveys Ltd.
Office:   (780) 431-0816
Fax:       (780) 432-1024

Carpet & Furnace Cleaning
Advanced Furnace & Carpet Cleaning
Residential & Commercial
Office:   (780) 434-7108
Edmonton, Alberta

Passion Interiors
Office:   (780) 908-2621

Renovations & New Construction
Peter Fry
Office:   (780) 915-6258
Edmonton, Alberta

Floor Coverings
World Floor Coverings
Darrell Cook
Office:   (780) 430-1405
Fax:       (780) 432-5270

Change of Address Checklist

Printer Friendly ~ Change of Address & Phone Number List



1.   Utilities ATCO - Natural Gas

Direct Energy



EPCOR - Power / Water 310-4300
2.   Telephone Telus 310-2255
3.   Cable Television / Internet
Shaw 1-888-472-2222
4.   Newspapers Edmonton Journal 498-5500
Edmonton Sun 468-0100
5.   Schools Public School Board 429-8000
Catholic School Board 441-6000
University of Alberta 492-3111
Grant MacEwan 497-5040
N.A.I.T.  471-6248
Concordia College 479-9250
Kings University 465-3500
6.   Insurance Alberta Health Care 427-1432
Blue Cross 498-8000
7.   Postal Canada Post 1-800-607-6301
8. Government Municipal 427-4864
Provincial 310-0000
Federal 1-800-O-CANADA
9.   Motor Vehicles Any Registry Office  
10.   Subscriptions Magazines, Books   
11.   Clubs Associations / Organizations  
12.   Credit Cards Bank, Store & Gas  
13.   Financial Banks, Trust Companies & Investment Brokers  
14.   Legal Lawyer / Accountant  
15. Medical Doctor(s) / Dentist / Pharmacy
16.   Insurance Auto, Life & Property  
17.   Employer(s) Full, Part-time & Volunteer  
18.   Churches    
19.   Landlord If Renting  
20.   Misc. Water Service, Lawn Care, Gardener, Maid Service & Community League  
21.     Family and Friends  


Helpful Phone Numbers

Emergency 911
Directory Assistance 411
Telephone Repair 611
Police Services 423-4567
Fire Department 496-3800
Poison Center 1-800-332-1414
Power Trouble 780-412-4500
Drainage Trouble 311 or 780-496-5444
Gas Trouble 1-780-420-5585
Water Trouble 412-6800
Alberta One Call - Buried Cable 1-800-242-3447
Traffic Information 496-2683
Weather Information 468-4940
Bus Route Information 496-1600
Alberta Chamber of Commerce 425-2341
SPCA Animal Shelter 471-1774
Library - Stanley A. Milner 496-7000
Taxi Service Co-Op - 425-8310
Barrel - 489-7777
Yellow - 462-3456


Office - 481-2950
Cell -     445-4534
Interactive site:  
RE/MAX EXCELLENCE - FAX 780-481-1144

General Checklist for Moving

Printer Friendly ~ Checklist for Moving

  Make flow chart for days/weeks before moving day
  Make daily schedules
  Get estimates for moving companies and arrange method of payment
  Arrange for truck rental if necessary
  Sell, give away, discard unnecessary belongings
  Get school records for transfer
  Collect and send out all items to be cleaned or repaired
  Return all items borrowed, collect items loaned
  Defrost and clean fridge one day before moving, clean stove
  Make arrangements with caretaker, cleaning lady, snow removal, etc.
  Plan for children and pets on moving day
  Return library books
  Investigate wills
  Ensure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit


Packing Checklist

Printer Friendly ~ Packing Checklist

  Get packing paper, pad for inventory, and marking pens
  Boxes or containers for packing
  Heavy twine and masking tape
  Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be placed in
  Set aside things you will carry with you and mark "DO NOT LOAD"
  Take apart computers very carefully and label parts
  Mark clearly cartons you want loaded last, unloaded first (food, bedding, clothing)
  Tie mops and brooms together in bundles
  Point out and mark especially fragile or delicate items
  Carry currency, jewelry, and valuable papers yourself
  Liquids in bottles should have tops secure
  Pack cds and dvds in sturdy boxes without overloading
  Blankets are best moved in large boxes
  Towels and pillows may be packed in dresser drawers
  Carefully pack mirrors, glass table tops and valuable pictures
  Books should be packed in small boxes
  Pack lampshades in separate boxes
  Do not use newspaper in packing items where ink can rub off
  Do not leave loose shelves in refrigerator or stove
  Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in bottom of boxes
  Do not pack cleaners in the same box as food
  Place heavy china at bottom of boxes; all flat pieces should be packed on edge
  Take photographs and all valuables in case of damage or loss


Moving Day Checklist

Printer Friendly ~ Moving Day Checklist

At Current Home
  Keep personal luggage aside
  Arrange for children and pets not to be there
  Arrange for toys and activities if children are there
  Put valuables in a safe place
  Don't forget to eat, you will need your energy
  Make shopping list for first day
  Get keys for new home
  Have all meters read
  Remove trash
  Doors and windows locked
  Notify police and neighbors
  Keep copy of inventory with you or in a safe place in case of serious loss or damage
Arriving at New Home
  Have children and pets occupied elsewhere
  Be on hand for movers
  Explain floor plan to movers and direct furniture and boxes to their place
  Check off numbered cartons
  Check each carton for damaged articles
  List claims for lost or damaged articles
  Pay movers if applicable
  Get appliances hooked up
  Plan for day's meals
  Get bedrooms and kitchen set up first

Our homes are lifetime investments coupled with strong personalities. Selling a home ranks among our clients' most important experiences and we approach our task with sensitivity, concern and professional competence.

Over and over, we at RE/MAX find that our policy of conducting a diligently prepared market analysis of the property and reviewing it in detail with the owner reduces the time spent on trial and error and leads to a faster sale, at a better price and with less inconvenience to our seller.

Thank you for this opportunity. Our presentation is a measure of the quality of service which you can expect from us until your home is sold. It is another reason why RE/MAX stands

"Above the Crowd"!



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