Moving Day Checklist

At Current Home
  Keep personal luggage aside
  Arrange for children and pets not to be there
  Arrange for toys and activities if children are there
  Put valuables in a safe place
  Don't forget to eat, you will need your energy
  Make shopping list for first day
  Get keys for new home
  Have all meters read
  Remove trash
  Doors and windows locked
  Notify police and neighbours
  Keep copy of inventory with you or in a safe place in case of serious loss or damage
Arriving at New Home
  Have children and pets occupied elsewhere
  Be on hand for movers
  Explain floor plan to movers and direct furniture and boxes to their place
  Check off numbered cartons
  Check each carton for damaged articles
  List claims for lost or damaged articles
  Pay movers if applicable
  Get appliances hooked up
  Plan for day's meals
  Get bedrooms and kitchen set up first

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