Packing Checklist

  Get packing paper, pad for inventory, and marking pens
  Boxes or containers for packing
  Heavy twine and masking tape
  Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be placed in
  Set aside things you will carry with you and mark "DO NOT LOAD"
  Take apart computers carefully and label cords
  Mark clearly cartons you want loaded last, unloaded first (food, bedding, clothing)
  Tie mops and brooms together in bundles
  Point out and mark especially fragile or delicate items
  Carry currency, jewelry, and valuable papers yourself
  Liquids in bottles should have tops secure
  Pack cds and dvds in sturdy boxes without overloading
  Blankets are best moved in large boxes
  Towels and pillows may be packed in dresser drawers
  Carefully pack mirrors, glass table tops and valuable pictures
  Books should be packed in small boxes
  Pack lampshades in separate boxes
  Do not use newspaper in packing items where ink can rub off
  Do not leave loose shelves in refrigerator or stove
  Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in bottom of boxes
  Do not pack cleaners in the same box as food
  Place heavy china at bottom of boxes; all flat pieces should be packed on edge
  Take photographs and all valuables in case of damage or loss

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